Event Description

INIA worked with Abyad Medical Center, The Middle East Academy for Medicine of Ageing (MEANA), and The Middle East & North Africa Association on Ageing & Alzheimer’s (MENAAA) in organsing a 2-day (virtual) Diploma on Dementia Care. This third session ran under the following theme, Dementia: Care Pathways, Ethics and Capacity Issues. This Programme was held between the 16-17 February, 2023. During this programme, Rosette Farrugia-Bonella, INIA’s Deputy Director spoke about better understanding challenging behaviours in her lecture titled ‘Is it difficult behaviors or expression of needs?’ and  Christian Vella, INIA’s Senior Research Officer delved into the subject of sexuality among couples in the lecture titled ‘Sexuality of persons living with dementia and their spousal caregivers’.  Over the duration of the programme a vast array of presentations was held reaching a wide audience of participants. The participants derived from the healthcare sector, located both within the MENA region, and countries from Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

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