Event Description

INIA in collaboration with the China Institute on Population and Social Development and Shanglin County Government assisted by Shanglin Public Health Committee, organised a programme in Gerontology. The programme, was held between 16 – 20 December 2019 at the Shanglin Country, Guangxi Province, China.

This programme was opened by Professor Marvin Formosa, INIA’s Director who was also one of the main lecturers. Present also for the opening ceremony were Mr. Zonggeng Lan, Mayor of Shanglin County Government, Mr. Wenrong Lan, Director-Shanglin Public Health Committee, Professor Ye Yuan, Secretary General-International Expert Committee on Active Ageing and Dr. Charles Scerri, INIA’s International experts.

As part of the programme a visit was also scheduled to a Hainan Longevity Area where interactions were held with one of its oldest resident, who was 112 years old.