Event Description
INIA’s Webinar Series 2020 was an on-line free series run under the theme ‘Population Ageing: Diversity, Social Justice and Equality’ and was composed of 13 experts from around the globe on the field of ageing. The sessions  covered various aspects of ageing, current challenges and future developments.
These sessions were held every consecutive Wednesday at 13:00 (CET), and ran through the 23 September, starting with the session delivered by Professor Marvin Formosa, Director, INIA, and ended with the final session delivered by Dr. Alexandre Sidorenko on the 16 December.
These webinars were aimed at persons who work directly and indirectly with older persons or who are simply interested in the subject of ageing.
The following sessions formed part of INIA’s Webinar Series 2020:
Ageing, ageism and human rights: Past, present, future -delivered by Prof. Marvin Formosa (Director, INIA)

The impact of population ageing and longevity on the future of work – delivered by Amal Abou Rafeh (Chief Programme on Ageing, United Nations)

Population ageing, heterogeneity and multiple vulnerabilities of older persons in India – delivered by Prof S Siva Raju (Centre for Population, Health & Development, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai)

Justicia Social y Envejecimiento / Social Justice and Ageing – delivered by Dr. Rosy Pereyra (Intitute of Longevity Centre – Dominican Republic & International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse)

Population ageing in Asia: Diversity, challenges and governance of  ageing societies – delivered by Prof Du Peng (Vice President, Renmin University, Beijing)

Population ageing, ageism and rights of older persons: Balancing autonomy and independence with dependency – delivered by Dr Emem Omokaro (Dave Omokaro Foundation, Abuja)

Osteoporosis in ageing societies – delivered by Prof. Yeşim GOKCE Kutsal (Turkish Geriatrics Society)

Population ageing: Active and healthy ageing across diverse contexts – delivered by Prof Asghar Zaidi (University Lahore & University of Oxford)

Population ageing in North Africa – delivered by Prof Sonia Ouali Hammami (Tunisian Geriatric Society & Maghreb Academy for Medicine of Ageing)

Impact of Covid-19 pandemic: Older persons and institutions in Argentina – delivered by Prof Jose Ricardo Jauregui (President, International Association of Gerontology & Geriatrics)

Ageing in and out of place: Inequalities at later life – delivered by Prof  Shereen Hussein (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)

Impact on informal carers of people with Dementia in recovering economies from COVID-19 – delivered by

Datin Jacqueline WM Wong (Honorary Advisor, demensia Brunei)

Empowerment of older persons – delivered by Dr Alexandre Sidorenko (European Centre for Social Welfare Policy & Research, Vienna)

Recordings pertaining to INIA’s webinar series 2020 may be accessed by following: https://www.facebook.com/watch/iniamalta/675718109723029/