Event Description

Across the globe, changes in demographic and socio-economic structures mean that large segments of societies are growing older across the world. Population ageing is occurring in countries previously characterised by young populations and where their policy and systems are not well prepared to meet the needs of older people. There is a need for the creation of new models that are effective in enabling these large segments of the society to continue contributing to the economic and social dynamics while ensuring meeting the care needs for those requiring support. There is a need to formulate equitable policy and practice that aspires to enhance the quality of life of older people and their informal carers. Furthermore, global mobility and migration result in diverse groups of migrants growing older within ‘new’ host societies, with different expectations and opportunities for older people. For this session, the example of Turkey was used to consider the experiences of older people growing older ‘in place’. A traditionally young country, where those who had migrated earlier in their years to the UK and are now growing older ‘out of place’. Specifically, this session discussed the policy and practice implications on healthy ageing within various sets of constraints and opportunities. This webinar session was conducted by Prof Shereen Hussein (Associate Director of PSSRU, University of Kent).