Event Description

Older persons’ right to autonomy & independence is a component of the International Bill of Human Rights. The ability to exercise them is at the core of human dignity & equality. COVID-19 has magnified ageism & exposed socioeconomic impacts & deepening inequalities. The dominant narrative that frames ageing is the negative experience of older persons, the assumption of the homogeneity of persons 60+, & the stereotypes that determine the prejudices & discrimination against older persons. The maintenance of the intrinsic capacity of older persons consists of both maintaining the functional capacity & the provision of the enabling environment which supports their resilience. This session addressed population ageing & systemic drivers of older persons’ vulnerabilities. Factors such as the life course & pathways to challenging ageism & balancing the narrative of dependency with older persons were delved into. This 6th Session titled ‘Population ageing, ageism and rights of older persons: Balancing autonomy and independence with dependency’ was delivered by Dr. Emem Omokaro (Dave Omokaro Foundation, Abuja).