Event Description

North Africa’s demographic trends reveal a growing ageing population, including lower fertility, lower mortality rates, and longer life expectancy. As a consequence, the populations are expected to age rapidly during the coming decades. An increasing number of the older population also leads to a significant consequence for the cost and organization of health systems. Among older persons, the need for family care and support will increase toward the end of life. However, the change in family structure and social changes may negatively affect the availability of family members to provide care for their relatives. At the same time, this is not being reflected in policy measures. The process is relatively a recent phenomenon in the MENA region, and the majority of countries do not appear to be ready to address the many implications of such changes. This session titled: Population ageing in North Africa was the 9th session to the series and was conducted by Prof Sonia Ouali Hammami from the Tunisian Geriatric Society & Maghreb Academy for Medicine of Ageing.