Event Description

The majority of the world’s ageing population is located in Asia. The vast diversity amongst Asian countries indicates various challenges of equity issues & social justice along with the call for efforts & strategies of governance of ageing societies. This session looked into the trend of population ageing in Asia, the characteristics of equality issues, diversity & policy development. It is a general trend to incorporate population ageing & the challenges it brings into the scope of national governance, in order to stimulate discussion & ultimately action. Fruitful achievements have been made in the governance of ageing societies in developed countries. We are living in an important period where the focus of global population ageing is being transferred from developed countries to developing countries. In ensuring better governance of ageing societies & in better coping with the challenges faced, it is of great significance for Asia to assimilate such international experience. This 5th Session titled ‘Population ageing in Asia: Diversity, challenges and governance of ageing societies’ was delivered by Prof. Du Peng (Vice President, Renmin University, Beijing).