Event Description

The International Institute on Ageing United Nations-Malta (INIA), worked with the Middle East Academy for Medicine of Ageing (MEAMA) and the Middle-East & North Africa Association on Ageing & Alzheimer’s (MENAAA), in holding a training programme in Geriatric Giants & Palliative Care. The programme, which took place virtually between the 12-26 March 2021, was organized by Abyad Medical Centre, Lebanon and Middle East Longevity Institute, Lebanon. The format of the programme was three to four lectures everyday Friday and Saturday between 6 pm to 9 pm.


The programme addressed Osteoporosis: Definition, mechanisms, consequences, updated treatment, Ageing and Covid-19, Pressure Ulcer: An update on management, Role of Exercise in maintaining healthy aging, Falls: Epidemiology, etiology, consequences and health care costs, Urinary incontinence: Prevention, detection & management, Malnutrition: Unrecognized and undertreated, The effectiveness of nutritional supplements in later life (with special emphasis on frailty & sarcopenia), Geriatric Giants, Cancer prevention in older adults: Controversies and challenges, Palliative care as a model of management, Pain management in older persons, Orthogeriatrics model of care, Management of Osteoarthritis in the Elderly, Management of stool incontinence and care of bowel, Management of hip fractures.


The sessions were presented by a total of 13 faculty member of MEAMA, deriving from the Middle East and Europe – namely, Dr. Abyad Abdulrazak, Pr. Faisal Alnasir, Dr. Jamil Halabi, Dr. Hashim Bulbaid, Dr. Ali Alqattan, Dr. Marwan Ramadan, Dr. Lana Halaseh, Dr. Mohamud A. Verjee, Pr. Sonia Ouali Hammami, Pr. Hala Sweed, Dr. Nalan, Dr. Sajedah Shaltoni, and Prof Iain Wilkinson. Participants hailed from the Middle East and North Africa, namely Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate Oman, and United Arab Emirates.