Event Description

The International Institute on Ageing United Nations-Malta (INIA) in collaboration with the Middle East Academy for Medicine of Ageing (MEAMA) and Abyad Medical Centre, Lebanon, organised an in-situ programme in the Principles of Geriatric Care. The programme was held between 12-14 April at Beit Al Fan, Tripoli, Lebanon and it was attended by 50 participants from all the multidisciplinary team. Workshops addressed Epidemiology: A greying world; Ageing: A lifelong process; Functional impact of ageing and diseases; Promotion of healthy ageing; Gerontopharmacology and Comprehensive geriatric assessment. Lecturing on the programme were Professor Abdulrazzak Abyad, Chief Executive Officer of Abyad Medical Centre, Lebanon and Chairman of the Middle-East Academy for Medicine of Ageing (MEAMA), and Professor Sonia Ouali Hammami, Chairman of Tunisian Geriatric Association, Tunisia.