Event Description

The International Institute on Ageing, United Nations-Malta (INIA), held an in-situ training programme in collaboration with the South African Geriatrics Society in Nairobi, Kenya. The programme in Geriatric Medicine, which was held at the African population and health research centre campus, was from the 5-6 December 2016.

The aim of the programme was to gain a basic understanding of critical issues in geriatric medicine. Topics dealt with Physiology  of ageing and frailty; Non-communicable diseases in older persons; Geriatric syndromes including dementia, delirium, falls, iatrogenesis and related conditions; Medico-legal and ethical issues.

The programme was attended by 17 medical practitioners and senior registered nurses. The programme was co-led   by a team of experts in  geriatric medicine. The programme was opened by Dr. Marvin Formosa, INIA’s Director.