In accordance with the mandates given by the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the Agreement signed between the United Nations and the Government of Malta, the Institute’s main objective is to fulfill the training needs of developing countries and to facilitate, in practical way, the implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing.

The Institute provides multi-disciplinary education and training annually in the following areas: Social Gerontology, Health Promotion and Policy Formulation. Up to some years ago, the Institute provided also annual training in Economic and Financial Aspects of Ageing and also on Demographic Aspects of Population Ageing. The training programmes are oriented towards persons, particularly from lower-income countries and from countries with economies in transition, who hold positions as policy-makers, planners, educators and professionals who work or intend to work in the field of ageing or with older persons.

The curricula and training materials for each specific programme were established by Expert Group Meetings convened for the purpose. The objectives of each training programme are set out in detail in brochures, which are readily available to prospective applicants. To date, INIA has trained 2,095 candidates from 141 countries.

Kindly note that there are no training programmes available to date. Visit our Events page for upcoming sessions and stay tuned!