Event Description
INIA worked with the International Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom), with the sole purpose of recognizing international best practices for management of local environment and development. The 2023 LivCom International forum on Age-friendly and liveable cities was held in Malta between the 30th May and 2nd June. The awards witness a grand opening which showcased more than 30 poster presentations representing 30 cities as well as various speeches surrounding the construction and sustainability of age-friendly cities and the social involvement of older persons and intergenerational mobility.
Prof. Marvin Formosa, Director INIA, Ms. Angela Kane, Former UN Under-Secretary-Genera l& Former Council Chair of the United Nations University, Dr. Alexandre Sidorenko, Senior Adviser INIA, Dr. Abyad Abdulrazzak, International Tutor INIA, Dr. Khalid Adli, Chairman of LivCom Committee& Former Vice President of ISOCARP, Mr. Choudhury Mohanty, Environment Programme Coordinator of UNCRD, Mr. Arab Hoballah, Chairman of LivCom Jury& Ex-Chief of UNEP SCP, were some of the speakers who spoke during the LivCom 2023.
On the 1st of June, following back-to-back sessions held at the University of Malta Valletta Campus, INIA welcomed the participants for a networking session at its premises where further interactions and exchanges occurred.
A special training programme on Active Ageing and Age-Friendly Cities was organised by INIA, which was chaired by Rosette Farrugia-Bonello, Deputy Director INIA, and held on the 2nd of June at the University of Malta Valletta Campus. During this programme lectures were delivered on ‘Key principles and policy ideals of active ageing’ by Dr. Abdulrazak Abyad, INIA International Tutor; ‘Safe, Efficient, Accessible, and Age-friendly Mobility Solutions for Liveable Cities and Communities’, by Dr. Ganesh Raj Joshi, Researcher, UNCRD; ‘Liveable communities for older persons’ by Ms. Zhou Yanmin, Professor Tsinghua University, and ‘Age-friendly cities: what needs to be done?’ by Dr Alexandre Sidorenko, INIA Senior Consultant.
During their mission to Malta, Dr Abdulrazak Abyad and Dr Alexandre Sidorenko also visited Roseville Home, a privately run care home for older persons, and St Vincent de Paul Residence, Malta’s largest state-run long-term care facility. As part of their visits, meetings with senior management and lectures with health care professionals were organised respectively.