Event Description

INIA Satellite Centre for sub-Saharan Africa is introducing its second training programme in Legislations, Ageing Policy Framework and Older Persons’ Inclusion in Development Agendas. As a matter of deliberate strategy, the programme is designed to last for 5 days and is expected to attract participants from Human Rights Commissions as well as human rights Institutes, Legal Aid Council, members of the ECOWAS Parliament, Civil Society Organizations and Policy/Law Makers in the sub-Saharan Africa Region. The hybrid training is expected to commence on Monday 21st November to Friday 25th November, 2022


The training programme is designed to influence and mobilize support for effective integration of ageing and older persons in legislative discourses and for increased consideration of appropriate normative contents for legislation on ageing in the sub-Saharan Africa Region.


INIA Satellite Centre mandate is to fulfil the human resource training needs in all aspects of ageing in sub-Saharan Africa; to enhance the national and regional systems’ capacity to deliver quality transformative policies, planning and implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation of corresponding programs and services to the 74.4 million older persons and the rapidly increasing population advancing into old age in Africa.



The Training is aimed at strengthening the capacity of participants to promote and advocate for legislations and legal reforms that will compel state actors to establish sustainable mechanism for social inclusion of older persons in development agendas.


Participants will be guided to debate on how to shift the paradigm; how to change the way governments, regional & sub-regional organizations, institutions and public administrations perceive ageing, plan to deliver effective, inclusive and accountable systems; to inform policy reviews and revisions, based on research, data collection and analyses and in line with regional and international ageing-specific frameworks, using various bottom-up methodologies conducive to the participation of older persons.


Expected Outcomes

At the end of the training, participants should

  • Have knowledge of Global ageing, Africa’s demographic profile and its implications and seize opportunity for learning and exchanges across the countries of the sub-regions
  • Understand Ageism, Systemic drivers of older persons’ vulnerability and the human rights situation of older persons
  • Understand substantive areas of ageing; ageing and health –social determinants of health and wellbeing; Basic geriatric care and, long term and palliative care options in Africa, poverty and social protection systems; human rights situation of older persons, elder abuse, ageing, gender and culture; ageing and economic growth opportunities, age friendly communities  and acquire the skills for ageing policy crafting,  review, revision and contents for normative frameworks and effective policy actions
  • Fast track progress towards resolution/declaration and/or an action plan which includes ageing and older persons; support for Protocol to the AU Charter on Human and People’s Rights and the Rights of Older Persons and the UN Convention on the Rights of Older Persons
  • Improve quality of advocacy and stakeholder’s engagement
  • Address knowledge gaps and help Identify innovative opportunities in the African Region to further support the inclusion of older persons in development agendas


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