Event Description

INIA and INIA’s Satellite Centre for Sub-Saharan Africa, hosted by the Dave Omokaro Foundation, Nigeria has introduced its second flagship programme with the theme “Legislations, Ageing Policy Framework and Older Persons’ Inclusion in Development Agendas”.

The five-day hybrid training programme held between  21- 25  November  2022 attracted participants from the following sub-Saharan Africa, Member State, with a good number of the participants from the Human Rights Community: South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and African Union Commission. The objectives of the programme were to promote partnership and cooperation between the Satellite Centre and relevant agencies and institutions of government in the sub-Saharan region, as well as to influence and mobilize support for the effective integration of ageing and older persons in legislative discourses and for increased consideration of appropriate normative contents for legislation on ageing in the sub-Saharan Africa Region. The training was formally declared open by the Director of, the International Institute on Ageing United Nations-Malta who was represented by Rosette Farrugia-Bonello, Deputy Director, and Co-chair INIA Satellite Centre for sub-Saharan Africa. The training session was ended by Rosette Farrugia-Bonello, Deputy Director and by Co-chair INIA Satellite Centre for sub-Saharan Africa who delivered the closing reflection and the way forward.

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INIA Satellite Centre mandate for Sub-Saharan Africa is to fulfil the human resource training needs in all aspects of ageing in sub-Saharan Africa; to enhance the national and regional systems’ capacity to deliver quality transformative policies, planning and implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation of corresponding programs and services to the 74.4 million older persons and the rapidly increasing population advancing into old age in Africa.