In-Situ training programme in Gerontology & Geriatrics – Minsk, Belarus 

The International Institute on Ageing, United Nations-Malta (INIA), held an in-situ training programme in collaboration with the UNFPA Belarus on Gerontology & Geriatrics. The in-situ programme was held in Minsk, Belarus, between the 10 -12 October 2016, with the aim of supporting the implementation of the national demographic security program in Belarus. Leading experts specializing in demographic ageing have contributed together with other specialists namely from the spheres of social services and healthcare. In all, around 70 specialists took part in this programme, representing the Labour and Social Protection Ministry, the Healthcare Ministry, the Economy Ministry, and research institutions.

This year Belarus is expected to report on the fulfillment of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA). The state of affairs in this field is being analyzed. A national research into the state and prospects of demographic development in the Republic of Belarus in 2000-2015 is being prepared. INIA’s Director Dr. Marvin Formosa delivered a report on the principles of demographic ageing policy, whilst further elaborating on the best practices used in the care for older persons. Dr. Alexander Sidorenko, Senior Advisor of the European Center for Social Welfare Policy and Research (Austria), spoke about the information policy with regard to demographic ageing, the national potential to act in this sphere as well as key demographic trends in the Commonwealth of Independent States.  Anna Zakrevskaya from the Labor Research Institute of the Belarusian Labor and Social Protection Ministry discussed Belarus’ priorities in fulfilling the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing. Natalya Milkota from the same research institute shared the Belarusian experience of providing social services to older persons with dementia, and the way forward in evaluating needs for such people.

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